Content diffusion

A solid presence on the web world and on social medias allows to grow and improve companies’ brand reputation and to create a community for both potential and gained customers.

our operative strategy

The first step to achieve concrete results through social media marketing is to have clear ideas: it is therefore necessary to study the characteristics of your business by highlighting aspects such as strengths and weaknesses, the market in which we operate, competition, the psychological and behavioral profile of the buyers. All these elements contribute to the definition of a precise communication plan, coherent and suitable for the people we want to address.

Secondly, we proceed with the drafting of a publishing plan that includes valuable contents that consistently intercept the interests of your target and identify social channels suitable for all types of content.

The remaining steps are, on the one hand, the correct management of the publication of established contents supported by a correct interaction with the followers and, on the other, continuous monitoring and analysis of the performances in terms of visibility, popularity and sales.



platforms on which we operate

C4D chooses to operate on the platforms that over time have proved to be the most effective for transmitting the messages and contents of customers. We refer to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Facebook is the ideal solution to create a company page and promote content such as articles, images, videos and much more. The ability to sponsor your content through paid advertising is another advantage that allows you to reach a highly targeted audience and get the best results in terms of notoriety and conversions.

Instagram, on the other hand, is focused on the appealing graphic of images and
short videos that emphasize the beauty of shapes, colors and graphic effects. The correct use of hashtags and a complete profile description are the basis for the development of an attractive company account.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is designed to connect professionals from various sectors and, as a result, opening a company page makes it possible to establish the brand in the eyes of highly qualified people and the creation of alliances and partnerships in the B2B world.

Finally, YouTube is dedicated solely to sharing videos that are extremely useful for describing in detail a product, process or service, telling the story and identity of your company and communicating interactively with your audience.


One of the most powerful tools available to digital marketers is paid advertising on Facebook. The social network in question, in fact, allows you to strongly customize each campaign. You can set the desired goals – such as generating traffic to your website, creating engagement to give brand awareness or optimizing conversions – and identifying a defined audience based on demographic and behavioral characteristics.


Another advantage offered by Facebook is the ability to set up remarketing campaigns: in this way, the sponsored posts will be offered to people who have already visited your site and are already familiar with your brand, making it more likely to carry out the action desired by you.

performance analysis

A key factor for the success of any social media marketing strategy is the correct collection and analysis of the data accumulated by the various platforms used.


The analysis of performance, in fact, is essential to optimise the processes that lead the visitor to become familiar with your brand and buy your product or service, comparing different types of approach and favouring the one that brings the best results.


C4D monitors and compiles a comprehensive report that details the growth of your company social accounts, the results obtained in terms of popularity and purchases and constantly optimises any advertising campaigns.