Content creation

Accurate and updated content is essential to attract visitors and followers in order to create, consequently a relationship with customers, as well as customer loyalty.

our focus on contents

Considering that differentiating from the point of view of the product is increasingly difficult, it is necessary to focus on a communication of contents that allow the target audience to understand the added value of a product, process or service. Content marketing makes it possible to deal with interesting topics for the target audience, thus attracting a specific audience and allowing you to achieve precise marketing objectives through the use of professional copywriting and visual storytelling solutions. The main tools we are referring to as regards social media marketing are the elaboration of in-depth texts, the acquisition of images, the production of high quality videos and the creation of appealing graphics.


Marketing end in itself has the days counted. In the digital world, where information spreads freely at ever higher rates, it is necessary to order and propose valuable content to stand out in this chaos of voices. Whether texts, images, videos or graphics, the fundamental objective is to transmit a meaningful message to create a link with the public. But how to manage content marketing correctly? It is absolutely necessary to define an editorial plan that is in line with the interests of your target audience and that will convey information through the most suitable channels. It is at this time that we must let users understand aspects such as the company’s mission and vision, the company’s philosophy and values: in short, everything necessary to create brand awareness and obtain a solid and profitable online presence. Our role in the world of content marketing consists in proposing a series of solutions for the copywriting and the realization of visual storytelling strategies through images, videos and infographics to be transmitted to your target through powerful tools such as the company blog or a periodical newsletter.

ways to communicate

The contents on the web can be rendered in 4 different ways:  

text: based therefore on a written text that continues to be a simple but effective mode especially for the use possible in all circumstances and for indexing on search engines linked to the written keywords;

video: the fastest growing form thanks to the widespread availability of high-speed band even among smartphones that increasingly represent the most used device for online content use;

photos: images often represent the most effective means of communication because they are able to show an object or a specific situation with an immediate perception on the part of the interlocutor in terms of understanding or appreciation;

graphics: some situations, often linked to trends or comparisons, can be best represented with graphics that give an immediate and more effective representation than other communication methods.


Creating effective texts in communication is not always simple as it requires, in addition to a clear and appropriate language with respect to the target to which it is addressed, also a dose of sensitivity necessary to highlight what is most important to bring out.

Valuing a product or a company is a goal that sometimes needs to be pursued indirectly, highlighting a whole series of aspects that, although apparently appear as corollary elements, are decisive for attracting attention to the main element, emphasizing little evident but decisive and inalienable aspects. The texts can be long or short in function, as well as the target of the recipients, also the ways of fruition. In this sense, the presence of keywords representative of the concept to be transferred is fundamental, so that they can be easily indexed and therefore found through search engines. Slogans can be considered an effective textual communication method to have an immediate perceptual effect, especially if placed side by side with an image or a graphic. Our structure avails itself of professional journalists, specialized in various fields, with an experience in communication through different media including social networks


The story through a video – storytelling – is certainly what today most of the public appreciates, especially if this is able to convey sensations, emotions or simply curiosity. To be able to be effective in communication based on video content, it is necessary to consider whether what you want to transmit is present in a way that is not only clear but also convincing.

Beyond creating more or less professional videos, what matters is to be sure of their meaning with respect to their target. Situational videos or institutional videos should be chosen on the basis of the channels through which they are intended to be digitally disseminated. The institutional video is normally more suitable to be included in the presentation on the company website, while situational videos can be more effective in social networks where there is often an interaction with the network. The length of the video must therefore also be considered as a function of the usability that you want to put into being, but it must be said that today more and more is aimed at short videos of a duration of 1 or 2 minutes, but often even less, where the sequence shown fully realizes the communication conceived. In many videos, especially for those aimed at an international target, it is useful to insert subtitles or in languages ​​other than that spoken in the video, or in the same to allow a use without audio and to get an indexation. The means for making videos are undoubtedly important, including 3D cameras or drones, as well as actors or speakers that our structure is able to offer. All our video makers are professionals able to create videos, but above all to edit them for an effective use on the chosen digital channels.


Images represent the most immediate way to communicate a specific situation or a specific object.

The photographic tool is now very popular thanks to the settings of the social networks, born the most to convey the photos among the participants in the network, but above all thanks to the smartphones able to create photographs in any situation with high performance.

Beyond that, communicating with a photograph is not all that simple since, based on perceptual immediacy, it becomes crucial to communicate through a single click everything that is deemed most appropriate to transfer to your target audience.

For this reason, often photographic images are accompanied by textual parts that better highlight the message to be transferred.

The situational photos, therefore based on a specific situation related to a precise moments, or those typical of the catalog, referring to a specific object, to be considered effective must be able to transfer elements such as attractiveness, curiosity, interest, emotion, amazement , pleasure but sometimes also outrage.

The ease of use of the instrument should therefore be considered with the attention and awareness of what the photographic element is able to transfer.

Our team consists of professional photographers, specializing in various areas of photography, with their own archives useful for specific needs.


Many situations lend themselves to being better represented through graphics or info-graphics. These can effectively summarize the more complex reading of data and convey to the interlocutor the essence of what is most relevant to know.

The synthetic approach that social networks use therefore lends itself particularly well to the use of graphics.

It must also be said, however, that graphics without texts in most cases are not effective because they lack a complete meaning. Instead of the graphics for which we now have several programs made specifically for their implementation, you can also consider drawings or comics that can give strength and evidence to content that might otherwise risk to pass partially or completely unnoticed.

The contexts in which it is appropriate to insert drawings or comics are the most disparate and often, the greater effectiveness is obtained by contrast in very little artistic contexts.

Besides having the most suitable tools for the creation of info-graphics, they belong to our team of internationally renowned designers